What are the care of your pieces?

Porcelain is the most resistant ceramic material for which the care is normal, it can be washed and washed. The difference of Dolce Utopia products is that they are mostly not enameled and although the strength of the porcelain comes from its vitrification, a certain porosity can remain. If it is an infiltration, replace the piece in soapy water with some drops of chlorine and rub with a brush.


What does your price include?

All prices of products published on our Website include VAT, shipping costs are not included, only in case there is a promotion at the time of purchase.


Can you request other products?

The products that are on the site, are the pieces available at the moment. In the unfortunate case of failure in the shipment and no more product in existence for its replacement, the delivery times depend on the production of the requested product. In this case, if you want the cancellation of the order, the total cost of the product and its delivery will be reimbursed.

In case of requesting a special product, contact us at


Can the product and colors vary?

All Dolce Utopia products are made from artisan processes, which gives beauty to the uniqueness of the piece; the tones, shapes and sizes may vary.


Can we choose gift packaging?

All pieces are packed as a gift, however, if you want to buy the leather cord by a list and attach a card, with the registration requested at the time of purchase, will have an extra cost of $ 25.00.