Terms and Conditions


1. General information about the Terms and Conditions.


1.1 Obligatory, Consent and Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
By accessing the Site, you accept the content of the Terms and Conditions and the other Policies of Dolce Utopia, S.A. of C.V. If you do not know the content of the Terms and Conditions and the Policies, you will not be exempt from liability.

It is a requirement to read the contents of the Terms and Conditions since, when entering, or when registering as a User, the established obligations will be applicable. The Terms and Conditions are not negotiable and must be accepted by all Users.

Our Services may only be used by persons over 18 years of age, use by minors is strictly prohibited. The Service can only be used for the purposes described in the Terms and Conditions. Dolce Utopia, will have the right to verify your identity, age and legal capacity, as well as to cancel the Service to the persons or Businesses that carry out Vulnerable Activities or Illicit Activities.


1.2 Payment policies


At the moment of finalizing your order, the processing of the payment will be specified through PayPal, Conekta or bank deposit. You will receive an email with the confirmation and proof of payment. From that moment, the purchase number is generated, and the delivery time runs. When the product is shipped, we will be sending you the FedEx company guide number for tracking, the time established for delivery is 3 to 5 business days.


1.3 Information of a personal or confidential nature


The user agrees to provide the Personal Information in a true and reliable manner, to be effective the purchase of the product. In the event that the User provides incomplete, false, contradictory or confusing information, Dolce Utopia reserves the right to deny such transaction.


1.4 Secure payment


Payments made will be made through the companies PAYPAL and CONEKTA, Dolce Utopia will not have access to your banking information provided to the aforementioned companies.


1.5 Chargebacks


The Client / User is responsible for any chargeback and / or fraud that may arise. Dolce Utopia will be able to lend what the banking institutions require for it, but it does not assume any responsibility for chargebacks and will not assume costs for this concept.

The details of the chargeback must be reviewed and the evidence sent to the issuing institution of the debit or credit card to try to cancel it. The issuing institution of the debit or credit card will be responsible for determining the resolution of the chargeback in the final instance.


1.6 Shipping Policies




Shipments to USA are sent through UPS ground. The cost will depend on weight. The delivery time will be 3 weeks approximatly. Do not forget to check the shipping information to avoid any setbacks and receive your goods as soon as possible, we also request a phone number to follow up on your order, in case the courier presents a mishap. We tell you that after two visits the courier company will return the product to Dolce Utopia, where appropriate, the shipment will be charged again to the customer.


1.7 Changes, returns and cancellation




In case of requesting any change, the delivery of the piece to Dolce Utopia, located in Zapopan, Jalisco, is paid by the client, except that the piece has been received in poor condition (please check the Returns section).




In Dolce Utopia, S.A. of C.V. We trust that our shipments will comply with the established quality, that is why we reserve the right to refuse any change or return unless the piece was received with a factory defect or in poor condition. In that case, it is necessary that you make a replacement request within 48 hours of receiving your merchandise by sending a photograph to dolceutopia.mx@gmail.com to request the replacement. In your case, Dolce Utopia would cover the shipment of the replacement, or refund of the purchase.




You can request the cancellation of your order by sending an email to dolceutopia.mx@gmail.com within the first 12 hours of making your purchase, if necessary please contact us.