This small piece is a complement of any service, from salt, sugar, chili, jams or sauces. The processes are totally handcrafted, the pasta of porcelain collapses with roller, and they settle in a base, it is left to dry later to proceed to the first burning, in which the whole dampness of the piece is extracted and acquires certain strength for his definition, they are sanded and finally the piece is baked to high temperature (1,280°C) by it, the porcelain is vitrified, acquiring his strength, since it is not so fragile as seems.

Delivery time of 3 to 5 business days.

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    Piece of porcelain of high temperature, effect that gives hardness to the piece, technique of smoothed totally handcrafted with roller, without enamel. Done with great care through, for you. It is possible to use dishwasher, having care of that the pieces do not shock between them, and microwave. For being handcrafted they can change a bit in size and tone.

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    Weight 6 g
    Dimensions 8 cm