The tequileros are made especially for tequila, however they can also be used as vases. Handmade. They were shaped by hand on a potter’s wheel with porcelain paste and then left to rest. The next day, the pieces were defined using a trimming technique and after, they were allowed to dry as long as necessary before proceeding with the first burning. The objective of the first burning is to eliminate the humidity from the pieces and to acquire some strength that will make possible their final definition. They are then sanded and finally all the pieces are fired at high temperature (1,280°C). In this last step, the porcelain is vitrified, acquiring its characteristic strength, being that it is not as fragile as it appears.

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This set contains 4 tequileros pigmented silencio. High temperature porcelain piece, the piece obtained its hardness by being fired at a high temperature kiln. Made by hand on a potter’s wheel, enameled inside. Made with extream care form begining to end, for you. Dishwasher and microwave safe, treat them as you would any other glass product. For being artisanal the size and tone may vary a little bit.

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Weight 440 g
Dimensions 6 cm